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West Virginia Wildwater Association
River Courtesy

River courtesy extends beyond aid to a fellow paddler. We ask all WVWA members (and non-members too) to consider the following and to promote river courtesy by example:

  1. The rivers are shared by fishermen, rafters, picnickers, and wildlife. Intruding on each as little as possible encourages and improves enjoyment of the rivers for all.

  2. While boats leave no tracks in the water, the banks, put-in and take-out points show evidence of our presence. We suggest that each put-in and take-out be treated as the delicate ecological specialty that it is.

  3. Litter, from whatever source, detracts from the beauty of the river. Make each river a cleaner place for our having been there. Carry and fill a trash bag on each river trip.

  4. Overnight camping and lunch-stops should be located on shore away from the fragile river beaches and banks. Blackened fire rings do nothing for aesthetics and attract more fires and trash.

  5. River clean-up, done little by little by each member of the CCC, will do much to retain the very special character of our southern rivers. Courtesy is a very real means of preserving the rivers for now and the future.

  6. Remember the landowners. They live there and we are but guests. Strive to be a polite guest. Always ask permission, and leave things better than you found them.

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