WVWA Logo Sales Order Form

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Indicate the quantity to order and the total amount of your purchase. Please remember to include the appropriate amount for shipping.

   Short Sleeve T-Shirts   
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Turner (old style), Bridget (new style)
   WVWA Sticker Decals   
   Splashes CD (1986-2002)   
   Splashes CD (1965-1985)   
   (available after December 1st)   
   Splashes CDs (set of 2)   
   (covers 1965 through 2002)   
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Shipping Rates
  Decals:  $.50     T-Shirts:  $3.00     Polo Shirts:  $4.00     CDs (1):  $2.00     CDs (2):  $2.75  
No shipping charge for decals shipped with other items

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Make your check payable to West Virginia Wildwater Association. Send the completed form and check to:

Turner Sharp
Box 4751
Parkersburg, WV 26104

Questions? Click here to send Turner an email.