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West Virginia Wildwater Association
Science Camper Volunteer Registration

Dates: July 13−14, 2019
Location: Upper New (Glade Creek to Grandview Sandbar)

It's too late to register for this year's Science Camper

Fill in the following information and click on the "Submit" button at the bottom to email the info to Harry Netzer.





Home Phone:    Work Phone: 

ACA Number: 

Number for dinner on Saturday:  ($5 per guest, payable at the dinner - free for volunteers)

I will help (check either or both days):  Saturday, July 13   Sunday, July 14 I will help with land based activities:  I am an experienced boater and will help with river based activities: 

I will loan the following boats and gear:

I have extra miscellaneous gear (please list):

I have a trailer to haul boats: 

Tell us how many boats you can transport to the event:     on the shuttle: 


Enter the letters shown in this image (use all upper case):


Questions?? Call Harry Netzer at 304-549-2571 or send him an email.