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West Virginia Wildwater Association
New Membership Application

So you've decided to join the West Virginia Wildwater Association (WVWA)? That's great, welcome! Dues are $20 per claendar year. Just complete the steps below:

1. Complete this application & click on the "Next" button at the bottom.
2. Then, based on your Payment Method selection below, you will either see a page to pay online or a page with instructions for mailing in your check.

OR, If you prefer, Click here to view a printable copy of the application. Then fill our the form, print it and mail it with a check for your dues to the address at the bottom of the form.

Membership Payment Method
   The payment method you select here will determine the page you go to next.
Payment method:   Online Payment   Check via Mail 
Member Names
   Please fill in the names of the members in your household. (Adults first/last & kids on the additional line.)
First Name(s):  
Last Name: 
Additional Name(s)
Contact Information
Address (2nd line):  
City: ,   State:     Zip: 
   Telephone Numbers: (XXX-XXX-XXXX and separate multiple telephone numbers with commas)
Home:     Work:
Email Addresses For Member Access
Email Addresses Names (first & last)
Additional Information
Where did you hear about us?  
Briefly describe your paddling experience:
Type of boat:   Kayak   Decked Canoe   Open Canoe   Raft   Other 
Years of experience:     Class of water run comfortably (I-VI): 
Rivers run:  
Check here  if this info is not to be released to conservation & river groups for special mailings & fundraisers.
Enter the letters shown in this image (use all upper case):   

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